Time flies and Chinese New Year is coming very soon, is just about less than one month time. Other than picking some new clothing new shoes new bag, ladies, some of you might start wondering what style the best for your nails. Nails playing very important part while the the bling bling nails complete your look!  I was so surprise that Cutie Curls teams applied the coming zodiac into fabulous nail art creatively. We all know snake year comes after dragon, to celebrate the arrival of this zodiac, CRACK NAIL & SNAKE PRINT are applied in some new collection of designs, to symbolize snake! Sounds  brilliant isn’t it? Now I have pick ten of my Favorite designs from Cutie Curls Nail & Lash Bar Sri Hartamas!


I love this one the most. Glittery red snake print with 3D white rose, fabulous!
02My second pick goes to this super duper cute Japanese Lucky Cat 招财猫!
It isn’t instant art transfer from sticker, but drawing with fine line, was drawn delicately on nail,

03The third one is cracked nail art on pink base, with 3D white blossom.
The cracked art looks like snake print right?

04If you are looking for something glittery gold, I think you might love this.
My favor number four, plum flower look outstanding in gold background.

05Favor number five is a very happening design! 3D rises on snake inspired cracked nail art.

06This is a typical cny designs that I think might goes well with your cheongsam, my favor number six.

07Favor number seven, gorgeous peony on glittery.

08Miss Spring With Ribbon Head with a up-side-down 春 is my favor number eight!
*I need to repeat again: This is a drawing!
I have one on my nail, the 春is just about 5 mm size, amazing!

09Favor number nine goes to a very lucky graphic which metaphor 大吉大利 (everything in good luck)

10The last favor is a fold art painted on top of gold base, classic beauty.

1Well all designs above just my personal taste, there are tons of designs up for choose!
Let make an appointment at Cutie Curls Nail & Lash Bar (Same row of Sri Harmatas Guardian)
NO 4, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
or call Jess Tan (Senior Manicurist) 017 8711 966

I knew their schedule is very packed before Chinese New Year, please make an appointment now even you are planning to have beautiful nail at the last week before cny to avoid disappointment.

20130116_175605Look, I have my pinky snake print with folk art!

Random FAQ time:

Q: What is the charges for designs above?
A: Their full pricing menu is here.
Snake print layer cost you extra RM50 for full hand (Hello that is gel nail! )
Folk art drawing RM10 each.
CNY drawing only cost you RM15 each nail, pretty cheap for their amazing skill.

Q: How much do I need to pay to make the nail art like Queenie’s one?
A: For mine, I did all mine in gel ( more lasting, I am the maid at home ><lll ). 
First select the color for your base (gel basic color with glitter 78)
I want the snake print is snake year! (extra 50)
I have all 3D art on my right hand (5×15=75)
two folk art drawing on my left hand (2×10=20)
Okay, add up for own! :)

* Of course you can control your budget on maybe having one 3D nail art on each hand.
It’s still look great without spending much!
Girls, wish you have a great time at Cutie Curls. have fun!


Nah McCoffee don’t show me your hand, you don’t have long nails for those fancy art! :P