Lifestyle Event: Launch of The 1Malaysia Healthy Foot & Spine Carnival


Foot, the important part of body we use daily since we started learn to walk till the end of our life. Improper walking posture, bad standing habit or natural born defects may cause unhealthy foot. Yet most of the people are not aware of this and tend to suffer the consequences of neglecting. The 1Malaysia Healthy Foot & Spine Carnival happens to be the start of a countrywide campaign that raises the awareness on the subject of how having healthy feet and spine is vital to the overall wellness of an individual.

Running from December 28, 2012 to January 1, 2013 at Tropicana City Mall, the 1Malaysia Healthy Foot & Spine Carnival is just one of many events planned by MyOrtho Rehab. However much, it is the first of such an initiative as well – and aims to send out a key message on the importance of feet and spine health for a healthier lifestyle. Supported by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and headed by MyOrtho Rehab.

MyOrtho is a locally owned company that provides comprehensive orthotic care in the country; it is also the only one in Malaysia at the moment that looks to exclusive, private and cutting-edge orthotic and rehabilitation care, as well as a range of comprehensive services in this regard. The 1Malaysia Healthy Foot & Spine Carnival will also to educate visitors on the need for proper foot care to avoid possible health risks and will highlight diabetics’ risks of developing severe foot problems – thus emphasizing the benefits of an early screening, proactive monitoring and regular assessment in the prevention and early detection of foot problems, and reduction of amputation rates. The public can expect different activities and informational booths to be made available for FREE access. These include foot screening and determination of foot type; spine screening; free knee test and screening; and diabetic foot assessments. These will be made open to all visitors of the carnival and is seen to be something that everyone from all ages and walks of life can benefit from.

Official ceremony with Edmund Lee, guest of honor Datin Dr Nor Akma bt Yusuf & Daphne Iking.

I standing on a mirror-reflection box, my foot print can be clearly seen at underneath layer.

My foot are second type, pronated foot.

This pair of shoes insole is my solution, I have to wear them daily before my situation went worse. Originally retail at RM300++


Pic of Mr emcee Kelvin Chong, Daphne Iking n me, and we coincidentally form a traffic light combo, lol…

Anyway the screening part is free, please feel free to drop by Tropicana City Mall this weekend with your family. At least you know what is your problem and maybe saving some bucks to invest in your health. The carnival from today until next Tuesday 1 Jan 2013.

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