Nioxin First Counter In Malaysia At O’Inno Hair Salon TTDI

I guess everybody dream of fuller looking hair, as all of us know a volume healthy hair make you look younger. Unhealthy scalp, bad living habit, stress, changes of hormon all are main causes of our hair getting thinner day by day. Just like me, keeping a long black actually facing a serious hair losing problem. Weeks before I received an invitation to experience Nioxin fuller hair treatment at O’Inno Hair Salon TTDI.

The range of Nioxin products.

No kidding, they are the award winning of thinning haircare system for ELEVEN YEARS!

Manne n I are at guest signing board.

Can you spot my sign?

Interior of O’Inno Saloon

Nioxin corner actually is a space set up in O’Inno salon, fully covered with privacy. It was a thoughtful idea. Well you know people like us, who facing hair lost problem, some even serious till bald situation. We might don’t want to expose ourselves in public, we might need some privacy.

Inside the Nioxin corner.

Now I have put on the kimono jacket, ready for the hair fuller treatment.

To solve problem, we always need to seek for the source. They use this scanner scan through my scalp, magnifying my scalp and shows them on screen.

Scientific data do not lie. All of my problem reveal on screen. Basically my pore are clogged with sebum, dandruff causing by dry skin. And omg, I have a lot of breakable thin hair. Come on, Nioxin rescue me please… :P

The pro hair stylist have choose a series of Nioxin that suit me, and now we start the process.

First step of treatment: Nioxin Cleanser, helps to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acid and environmental residues from scalp skin and hair. It sounds like scrubbing away all the unwanted dirt, with has the similarity as facial scrub. The whole process is so comfortable, hair stylist massage my scalp inch by inch that almost make me fall asleep.

Second step: Bake the ingredient in this oven, kidding. This infrared beam boost our scalp’s blood circulation, and it also kill bacteria.

Different type of treatment was going on next of my seat. Just like I said, the pro stylist will choose the right product for individual scalp problem.

Step three: rinse my hair, follow by scalp treatment & hair treatment. *Our hair should be pampered differently. Hair conditional shouldn’t be applied at scalp or it may clog. Ta da, here’s my taliban look!

Second scan after treatment: Obviously my scalp looks better than before. Nioxin really a miracle product!

Shum, me and Chester (founder of O’Inno Salon)

Elizabeth, me & Chester

mirror camwhore! :P

O’Inno Hair Salon ( Just next to TTDI Starbucks Coffee)
18, Jln Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL.
Tel: 603-7726 2180

O3 Hair Studio
LG06, Emerald Plaza, Jln. PJU8/3,Bandar Damansara Perdana,47820, PJ, Selangor
Tel: 603-7713 5180

I received the series of Nioxin home care product as well, thank you Nioxin. Home care product is good for daily use, but we still the pro to do the pro service for us. If you are interested, please make appointment at O’Inno Salon or O3 Hair Salon.

Grab them home with the price below:
NIOXIN Cleanser, 300ml, 1000ml (RRP RM 85 & RM 210)
NIOXIN Scalp Revitaliser, 300ml & 1000ml (RRP RM 100 & RM250)
NIOXIN Scalp Treatment, 100ml (RRP RM 155)