Biologique Recherche Launched in Malaysia : Unlock The Secret of Youth Skin

I was invited to the launching of Biologique Recherche last Friday at Hotel Istana. It was totally out of my expectation because BR was widely covered in international press. BR has its A-list Hollywood clients such as Madonna, Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone, they are Biologique Recherche users. I was totally flattered been given a chance to try out the famous BR.

me and Dr. Philippe Allouche

“Our skull shape are fixed, we can’t do anything to change it. Yet, we able to restructure our face, the flesh, muscle with suitable product”, Dr. Philippe Allouche said. Ms Lana demo BR product on a guest face. It really give me a big whoa of the difference of before after.

Okay, now is my turn to try out this series of fabulous product. I pretty sure women at my age starting pay attention to any beauty product with placenta.

Let get it started now. First, we need a freshly wash face.
Sorry if I freak you out of my super bare face without any put on any make up. :P

After cleanse my face with oxygenation cleansing milk and gently pat P50T lotion, I whack some restructuring face cream on my right side face.

Do you see anything happen on my right side face? Okay, I am going to do another side. Yippie…

This is the totally after pix. I can feel my face uplifted!

Please check out Biologique Recherche official website for more detail.

McChloe: Mum, I think I need too… can I?





  1. Hi,
    Thank you for the article and the thoughtful demo. Could you please provide me the name and contact number of the authorized retailers for BR? I am based in KL, thanks

    1. Please contact Kai Li via 017 870 6333 for more info about Biologique Recherche. :)


      I’ve contacted BR themselves in their headquarter office in France and they only have one sole distributor in Malaysia that is NOT Kai Li. She’s selling counterfeit products at a MUCH higher price.

      Please email me for more information:

      I will gladly forward you the contact details of the distributor from BR’s email.

      Thank you.

  2. Hi there, thanks so much for the great review, can you inform me on a spa or salon or outlet in KL that sell BR products? I’m not from from KL but i am currently in KL until tomorrow. Your info would surely helps me in my search.
    Thanks again

  3. Hi, May I know I still can find BR product in Istana Hotel or anywhere else, please guide me? tq

    1. Please contact Biologique Recherce directly for the distributor in Malaysia, there’s only one sole distributor and that is Not Kai Li as stated above.

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