News: I’m finalist of Uniqlo Style Hunt!

This noon about 4 pm I got a inbox message from Choon Choon noted that I was shortlisted as female top 10 finalist in Uniqlook Style Hunt Contest Malaysia. First I was in a shock! Huh? Really? I never thought I able to make it. It was a playful thought in the beginning, as snapping daily shot is fashion blogger ritual, I just swap the top to Uniqlo pretty tee. Some of my friends were taking part too, all of us was just like having fun during the shoot. I notice most of stylish female contestants are invincible young! I might like haha for being  a 31-years-old-finalist.

Basically this contest judged based on 30% of vote and 70% of judged decision. For me, myself is the biggest judge of my own. I have stopped fashion for running family business La Castle Restaurant in past three years. Starting Queenie Chamber was the first step I back to fashion. That was remarkable day of me start care about fashion, the day I care about my style. I tell you people who involved in f&b line really nothing to do with glam when kitchen and bar the messiest place to kill style. I pushed myself to pick up everything that I have left behind in those three years. 22nd June 2012 is the first anniversary of Queenie Chamber, now I celebrate it with the honor of being “one of the top 10 female” in Uniqlo style hunt contest. I am grateful! To win or neither, that isn’t the biggest deal, the truth is to be honest to myself and I knew I already won the-last-year-me. But of course winning the passes to any Uniqlo country is my extra bonus. The grand final will be held next on Friday night at KL Pac, wish to see you guys there!

Thanks again for Miss Ravanne and Chris Wong for portrayed me in such lovely pix,
thanks for Uniqlo for providing us such a great platform for expressing ourselves,
Million thanks to all of my friends who have brought me here, I am truly appreciate it!
….and also thanks to my dearest hubby, I knew you are a silent supporter always.


Dedicate this song for you all and good night, tons of work still waiting for me tomorrow…