Event: Puma Social Finale Party

First I would like to thanks for our food bravo team leader Elvish pass us three tickets to access Puma Social Finale Party at Sunway Giza Mall about two weeks ago. Lots of games waiting to be challenged, and attractive prizes are waiting to be grabbed home. Now cheers to Puma Social Dream Team~

Yay, these three fellows bowie, me n ora rocking the puma social party together.

Both of me n bowie stand 3 feet away when ora pose like this! Crazy ora like zheng zi さだこ climbed out the telly~

There are some booths that we hanging around. This one was pretty awesome cos we able to get an instant photo after a quick snap.
Unfortunately they only provided two copies while we have three fellows in our gangs, and I had mine.

me n elvish

we in Puma Feat Alexander McQueen sneaker (too black can’t see pun), and random piece from MQ06 Styling Wardrobe.

Okay, nitez nitez~


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