FantaSea, a must-watch cultural illusion theater show in Phuket. It was inspired by colorful Thai heritage “Fantasy Of A Kingdom”. Overall story line was written well, beautifully choreograph and I was truly amazed by it four dimensional special effects.

There were tons of great scene I would like to share, unfortunately no camera are allowed to bring in the theater. It wasn’t about : Please off your mobile during show time, but set up a security counter before entry gate. Four of us, four DSLR camera and four mobile phones included my Note that never left me even bedtime, all recording stuffs were stayed in the security counter during showtime. Definitely very strict security WTF.

Palace of the Elephant Theater

Four heads at Phuket FantaSea.

Four heads at tickets collecting area, the ceiling was amazingly crafted!

Look at the kinda-crazy-artistic ceiling and drop you jaw now~

Two heads are camwhoring.

Guess what? This is a portable air-cond, beautifully hide inside.
Firstly I thought it was some decor piece for display purpose.

Upgrade to gold seat for additional 250 baht?
Our normal seat cost 1,900 baht (show + buffet dinner).

This was the last photo before enter theater, we have to left our gears here:
Babe, wait for mummy here don’t go anywhere. I will be back!


*no pix for show*

We support origin, go watch in theater.


Self camwhoring outside the Elephant Theater.

Elephant for ride or photo, they are very cute actually.

Please check  Phuket FantaSea official website for further detail.