It wasn’t the first visit to Thailand, but I was amazed every time by its art sense.
Let’s feed yourself with pix below,taken at Krabi and Phuket.

Beautifully inspired-by-butterfly chair.

I adore the mosaic road, can I dance along the curve?

Most of bike parked at roadside are so so cute. I believe this should belong to a lady owner, should belong…I guess.

Monkey bus station

Another piece of art on the floor.

Where is Note Shop?

Red mushrom

Me n husband totally fall in love with these colorful waterproof backpack.
I’m not kidding you that my house have three of them: black, yellow n blue RIGHT NOW~


Yes, I am living in sunlight, positively, happily…

And I think I should go bed now. Tomorrow is the Super GT Racing, I gotta wake up kinda early (Hello Sunday~). I am so excited! This post was 5 hrs late as I promised EVERRY SATURDAY 9PM, past week was a freaking busy one. Good night my world here, and sweet dream everyone. XOXO Luv you all!