The story was began few months ago. It was about four Padi-certificated-open-water-divers planning to dive at Krabi. These four fellow not even touch BCD after they got their PADI two years ago. Recall back memories from years ago, actually there was sixteen of them dived together. Two years later, some of them pregnant, some of them phobia of going back to sea…end up there are only four of them appear in this journey…

Here you are
ying li, khai,  my hubby n me

Just like normal tourist did, we surveyed few diving center in Krabi. We wanted to go the famous Phi Phi Island! Prices are about the same: Pick up from our hotel, 2 dives at different spot, lunch included, equipment included, sent back to hotel, it cost us 3500 baht (roughly about RM350).

Ok, this is our final decision: Local Diving! This mat salleh’s presentation was so good. He sound like a pro, till we willing to dive with him.

The nightmare began when we see this boat! Yeah, local dive with “traditional” boat. Our reaction was like: Are you kidding me? This boat should use for fishing right? It took us one and half hour from Krabi land to reach Phi Phi Island. ><

Other than these diver’s equipment, the rest didn’t look like for diving purpose. Never!

We saw this at some corner, that we believed that our lunch are really “included”… Yet, we have another experience that tourists never have before. For example, experiences life as refugees, how do them sail from their country, in a boat on wavy ocean… portray in pix below… ><

my refugee portrait (when conscious)
Luckily I am the person who able to sleep everywhere anytime, on bus, on plane, on boat…this truly save my one and a half hour when going…

We visit two places respectively Pi Leh Wall and Viking Cave.

Thank god khai brought waterproof casing for his DSLR.
All water photos coustesy of khai n ying li.

Salted till can’t open eyes…

me in diver uniform~ V^^V

me n khai

ying li

If you ask me how’s Phi Phi Island underwater world look like?  If we don’t compare with expensive diving spot like Maldives, I would tell you the best are in Malaysia honestly (Redang, Perhentian & Lang Tengah, these there places I have been visited 3 times). Water visibility are low like pix above, so I not going to post the other.

The hardest part would be getting back to the boat. The tank are so heavy, so do the five stones on my waist…

Good actor, who not feeling well actually. That was a windy day on waving sea… I feel vomit.

Not only me, whole boat tourist throw up actually. Well we have 4 couples totally on boat, another 2 pairs was from Poland and Japan.

The Poland man sea sick badly.

The most not gorgeous portrait of me, a refugee eating watermelon on boat. But nevermind, it will gone after thrown up afterward…before reaching my stomach.

Dreamy version refugee portraits.

we n beautiful Poland lady and shy local dive master.

I found out their “local diving” logo pretty much alike with superman one, what do you think?

I do not deny that Local Diving was trying to cheat on tourists who believed them in their sweet words. They convinced us to buy their package but actually provided us the worst which we do not deserve to. The fishing boat was stinky and dirty actually. The irresponsible dive master even skip away when we need him to fill in our log book! Our whole trip was fucked up after one day sea sick, and that was just begin day of our trip. We didn’t read brochure carefully they mentioned they are using traditional boat to experience local diving (small words at bottom part) Come on, who read all words during travel? If yes, if you are promoting the beauty of traditional boat, please show us the beauty of it! We found out later, same distance, speed boat (pix above) only takes half an hour when ours takes one and half hour. See the difference? We wasted two hours on the sea for…..vomit. ><lll

Please recognise this diving center with a koyak dive suit mannequin displayed in front, I proudly present you the Local Diving, Krabi.
Yes, do no enter!