D.I.Y: Turn Your Old Stuff Into Brand New One

Project  • Flame Red Necklace

Sometimes we feel bored when any accessories worn for many many times…
Yes, we are the fancy animal who always hunger for another piece of beautiful stuff when actually we have a lot in out closet.
Arrhh.. women!

Well, now I have a piece a stone necklace that I owned long time ago. YES, I FEEL BORED WITH IT NOW!
Primary colors are so in, so I decided to turn it into a bloody red statement neckpiece~

First, get yourself a bottle of spray of your favour choice~
Clean your old necklace, make sure no dirt on it. Dust-free surface will get you a smoother surface.
Place it on a board/ newspaper/anywhere suitable to spray.

Start spray it now!
Tips: Be patient and don’t be greedy when you spray, wait till a thin coat fully dry then apply the second layer. You may need to apply few layers till the satisfying outcome as you wish.

Tada, here you are!

This is one of my favor neckpiece now.
It is so easy to style in any simple outfit, I even wore it to event. :)

Just use your creativity, DIY can be fun!

<D.I.Y: effortless action to make your life better without spending much>