D.I.Y: Mirror Mirror In The Casing

Project  • Mirror Mirror In The Casing

I have small box with my falsies/ cotton pad/ cotton buds/ small clips/ tiny lil stuffs organised neatly.
Too bad I  found that something is missing. I always have to seek for external mirror for checking my makeup.
Finally I came out with an idea: Why don’t I make the cover as mirror?

You can use any kind of mirror, as long as size able to fit in the cover.
Well I have an empty compact powder casing here.

Clean the mirror, use sharp tool take the mirror out carefully.

Option of adhensive: You can either use dunlop glue/ glue gun/ double side tape (em, only good quality).

Choose the perfect location where you wish to stick mirror on, and…stick it on. :P

Ta-d! There you are, my lil casing with mirror’s on.

<D.I.Y: effortless action to make your life better without spending much> 

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