Did you queue for Capitol Satay Celup before?

I have heard about it long time ago, just haven’t try once. The day has finally come. Another sweet couple Ying Li n Khai join us at second day of the trip. YL actually a Melacca-ian, who is not so familiar with Melacca. CSC open at 5pm , we reached before five, yes, before five pm. Can you see how long the queue is? We are standing three-shops-aways from Capitol Satay Celup. We take turn to queue while others gotta chance to walk around.

Insane long queue in front of the shop.

My queue buddies.

No sisters no brothers no branches… don’t be misled!

Well, we took 1 hr 45 min to get our table.

Okay lar, they quite provide quite wide range of choices compare with next door competitor.

Anything so special? Em, frankly, I don’t think all ingredient suitable to cook with satay sauce, especially my favour shi ham (clams), taste memang salah goes with satay sauce… er….

I’m actually very pek cek frustrating after the one and fourty five minutes long wait…

According to YL, this is the BONUS! Giant fresh prawn and seafood will be given to everytable, which you can’t get it next door. This is the only diff between two shops, actually both taste similar.

OMG, look at the sizes in comparison… both charges the same price of RM1.00 per stick.

When you eat till last, whole pot look quite geli disgusting…food floating in thick sauces…

me, ying li n khai
cameraman mr mok.

Look at the long queue when we leave…gosh~

Capitol Satay Celup
Capitol Satay Celup Restaurant 41 Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: 06-2835508
(Closed on Mondays)